Toilet and Kitchen Plumbing Installer

Plumbing pipes and installations can get clogged up and damaged from wear and tear, moisture, and even humid temperatures that can speed up the growth of bacteria and mold. While they are easy to repair early on, they can also cause permanent damage that needs to be replaced.

With more than ten years in the plumbing service industry, we at SuperPlumbers are fully licensed and certified to work on what your home needs, from minor repairs to major installation jobs.


Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowls are heavy, fragile, and difficult to install when you’re doing them on your own since there are a lot of things to take into account, such as the size of the flange, the type and size of the bowl, and even the location of the drain pipe.  


Toilet Flush System

No matter how cheap or expensive toilets are, they are still only as good as their flush systems, which are made of different parts that can break down over time due to general wear and tear.

Hiring a professional plumbing service allows you to not just assess any damage, but also find the right parts to replace.


Bathroom Shower

Installing shower units and showerheads start with assessing where the water supply is located in the bathroom, and making sure that you get the right unit that fits whether it’s the first installation or a replacement.  



Kitchen and bathroom faucets are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your space, but they can be difficult to install without the right tools and expertise. With a professional plumbing service, your faucets are installed properly.


Water Heater

Water heaters can malfunction or not heat up properly because of damage to the heating parts, the water tank, and the switches, especially when they aren’t properly installed.


Wash basin Tap

Like faucets, the right washbasin tap installed properly can do a lot to improve the appearance of any washing area or bathroom, and hiring a professional plumbing service to fix them or replace them with new ones is the best way to get them done.


Bidet Spray System

Bidet hand spray systems can be easily installed by simply attaching them to your toilet’s water supply.  

However, they can also come with their own problems when not done so properly. Hiring a professional plumbing service makes sure that these types of problems don’t happen during the installation process.